Customized Training To Take Your Business To The Next Level

We are the only Team Systems trainers in Canada actively teaching what we successfully accomplish every day. We train what we use. Not what we used to use, or what worked 10 years ago but what is working to sell over 400 homes a year right now. Everything we teach is tested and measured in our sales team, and the best part is that our clients do not see the research and development costs. They only get the final refined working product.

DPTS Consulting's sole purpose is to refine and master sales systems, conversion techniques, mindset, and performance for you and your agents. We do this full-time. It is our specialty, and this is why Realtors like you leverage us to help you recruit top talent, train them, create pay structures, motivate them, and retain them. This leads to a return on investment almost unheard of in our industry. The best part is you get your life back while still making more money, creating a residual income stream, and having a profitable business worthy of selling one day.

The Possibilities are Endless!

The choice is simply whether you want to increase your real estate business. How far you want to grow and leverage is up to you. It may be an admin and for others a huge team. We are here to help make this process easy and seamless while saving you the gruelling and expensive process of learning by trial and error, and worse, compromising your existing business while you try to figure it out.

Two Customized Consulting Options

It's Not The Size Of Your Team That Matters. It's The Strength Of Your Systems.

Level 1 Consulting is a great choice for the Realtor who already has a team or partnership established and is looking for strength in management, organizational structures, recruiting and hiring practices, compensation structures and the advanced lead generation techniques of a profitable team.

With a focus on refining core conversion systems, accountability and nurturing the top producer mindset, this program is designed to create a cohesive well trained team. Ensuring you have built a solid foundation to your business now is crucial to catapult your business to the next level.

Level 2 is for elite Team Leaders. With more than double the coaching time, it is designed to help advanced Team Leaders overcome challenges & time constraints as they move towards the next level in record time.

At the core of Level 2 is a deep-rooted commitment to continual growth and training. We focus less on the basics and more on training your team members to become individual top producers. With enhanced tools such as tracking and monitoring of numbers & lead generation sources, budgeting systems, and advanced marketing systems, this program will see you thrive and outperform your competition.