PointOne - Business Systems for Real Estate Agents

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DPTS is very excited to announce the creation of PointOne - Business Systems for Real Estate Agents. PointOne is a comprehensive online training series for real estate agents that are serious about building a business and creating sustainable long term success in the industry.

Statistics in our industry show that a vast majority of agents are doing less than 5 deals a year. Yes, this includes a lot of part-time agents and agents who are new to the business, however the reality is a majority of agents are failing.

This industry poses a multitude of challenges and unless you can find someone who has the time to mentor you and teach you the business systems for success, you are often alone, lost and frustrated.

This is the reason I decided to invest my time and money to create PointOne - Business Systems for Real Estate Agents. I wanted to create a program that is cost effective and widely available to agents across North America. I wanted to include complete systems not just the highlights or tips and tricks. My ultimate goal is to teach more agents to create profitable sustainable businesses so that they qualify to build team systems. I found my freedom and my success with team systems and as my legacy I want to see more and more agents building successful profitable teams. I want to see more agents enjoying the work life balance that I have mastered with team systems.

I believe there are some valuable programs for real estate agents online now, however you need to purchase a whole lot of these programs to gain the knowledge, insights, and strategies that we present in the PointOne program. Also, when you mix and match various programs you are NO longer learning a system, you are learning pieces of other people’s systems. As you know, you can’t duplicate a system if you don’t have all the pieces. With PointOne you will get the pieces, it is up to you to build the puzzle or be it the business…if you choose to build it you will have the pieces to create a long term successful real estate business.

PointOne offers a unique strategic advantage over other programs, and that is that it has been built by myself and my team and we are active agents in today's market. My team runs these systems day in and day out to consistently sell over 400 homes each and every year. A great deal of online programs and coaching programs are offered by coaches that have never had nearly the success that my team has consistently achieved and many of the coaches offering programs today are no longer in the industry and have not been for years. As you know being in the field, our industry is constantly evolving. It's important to stay up-to-date on the latest things that are working and what is no longer working.

PointOne includes 4 Modules. The modules consist of business fundamentals, winning strategies, creative exercises, role modelling, action plans and so much more.

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