Why Use DPTS?

Dan Plowman Team Systems (DPTS) has been helping top producers create teams that dominate in their marketplace since 2008. The company was created as a way to duplicate the success of The Dan Plowman Team who outperforms the next closest competitor in their marketplace by more than double the production.

The systems we teach at DPTS are the same systems our own team uses day in and day out to achieve unprecedented levels of success. The systems are tried, tested and proven. And as markets change and fluctuate so too do our ways of doing things, which we then pass along to our clients to keep you abreast of the things that are working in the industry today.

We pride ourselves on being current, relative and on the leading edge of the industry, bringing innovative ideas and training to anyone who would like to build a real estate business that not only provides a life you've only dreamed of but also allows you more time to enjoy that life.