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Benefits of Brokerage Training

Businesses can succeed or fail based simply on how well trained each individual is. An untrained, or partially trained, recruit can be costing your business tens of thousands of dollars. When it comes to real estate, a lack of training can cause leads to fall through the cracks and potential clients to seek superior service elsewhere. Training a top producer requires the precision and level of mastery found among the top 1% of our industry.

Brokerages who want to recruit top talent to their office need to offer something more, something that will set your brokerage apart and retain your agents long-term.

DPTS is proud to now offer our exclusive training program to your brokerage. We are able to provide a monthly or weekly training session for a specified period of time, designed to teach your agents the tools they need to not just succeed in this industry, but to excel!

Our proven training systems offer a predictable result that ensures a great return on your investment. Contact us today to find out how we can help your brokerage be more productive!

Brokerage Training Inquiry

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How Brokers Benefit

Let Dan Plowman Team Systems give your brokerage the edge when it comes to in-house training & recruiting by providing your agents with the tools they need to not only succeed in your marketplace but to dominate it.

Agents who have used our systems and gone through our training are vastly outperforming average agents on local real estate boards. Wouldn’t you like to bring that type of success and those results to your brokerage?

With our power-packed series we deliver a tried, tested, and true model for your agents to grow their business to any level they desire and this helps your bottom line. Not only will well-trained agents produce more, but because you are providing these tools for them, retention is higher.

How Agents Benefit

If you have ever wondered how the best achieve results unimagined by others, the answer is simple: modelling success!

The time required to learn and implement is reduced drastically when modelling the success of others versus taking extensive time doing your own research and development.

Our training programs deliver a tested and proven model to grow your business to any level you desire. Agents who have learned and mastered our training systems set themselves far apart from the average agent, in terms of production and knowledge.

For agents committed to their success, this training is designed to quickly create maximum results for your business.

The Feedback ...

I am always looking for new ways to bring the best tools and training to my agents at RE/MAX Premier. DPTS customized a program specific to our needs and it has been transformational for our agents. I highly recommend DPTS training to any Broker Owner looking to build an office full of engaged, well-trained agents excited about their business.
Broker Owner, RE/MAX Premier
Gabe Bianchi
I love the way Dan explains his experience through a lecture system. He's very dynamic & knowledgeable.
Patricia Maldonado
We have done Dan Plowman's one-year Team Building Training Program in our office this year. Dan knows his stuff and motivated our salespeople so much that it made a huge difference in their production. His systems are very simple and easy to implement. I would recommend to every real estate salesperson to take his training to elevate their level of business.
Broker Owner, Century 21 Green
Lakhvir Randhawa
Dan and his team are the real deal! They give you the exact systems to grow a team. He’s the only trainer around that’s correctly using his own systems to operate a successful real estate team & is still selling real estate today.
Mike Lupo
The trainer is always full of energy, motivational, always on time, and brings today’s marketplace experience to the class. The sessions are energetic with good presentation slides & materials. It's worth taking the time to work on your business! I find it hard to sit in my seat & not explode with enthusiasm & want to work more.
Pravisha Nagaretnam
I really enjoyed attending Dan’s classes. They are helpful with new scripts, ideas and approaches. I’ve decided to join the coaching program for more mentoring in growing my business. Definitely worth the investment and time.
Franca Rende