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We are the only Team Systems trainers in Canada actively teaching what we successfully accomplish every day. We train what we use. Not what we used to use, or what worked 10 years ago but what is working to sell over 400 homes a year right now. Everything we teach is tested and measured by our sales team, and the best part is that our clients do not see the research and development costs. They only get the final refined working product.

DPTS Consulting's sole purpose is to refine and master sales systems, conversion techniques, mindset, and performance for you and your agents. We do this full-time. It is our specialty, and this is why Realtors like you leverage us to help you recruit top talent, train them, create pay structures, motivate them, and retain them. This leads to a return on investment almost unheard of in our industry. The best part is you get your life back while still making more money, creating a residual income stream, and having a profitable business worthy of selling one day.

The Possibilities are Endless!

How far you want to grow and leverage is up to you. It may be an admin for some and for others a huge team. We are here to help make this process as easy and seamless as possible while saving you the expenses associated with learning by trial and error.

Not sure that coaching is right for you? Let us take 90 days to show you what it's all about, introduce you to our core concepts and set up a solid plan moving forward. Get started by implementing strategies for improving dollar productive activities, tracking sales activity, setting goals and developing systematic business processes.

We want to help ensure that your coaching is an investment you can afford and stick with long-term for the best return on your investment. A coach won’t change your business fortunes overnight. If you’re willing and able to make the mental and financial commitment to professional coaching, you must have the patience to “do-the-do”. The rewards you reap will come later. If you’re going to hire a coach and don’t execute what they advise you to do, you’re just wasting your money. Our variety of Master Coaches are here to help you to focus and keep you accountable.

Level 1 is a great choice for an agent who already has a team or partnership established and is looking for strength in management, organizational structures, recruiting and hiring practices, compensation structures and the advanced lead generation techniques of a profitable team. This program is also recommended for agents who are looking to hire their first partner or want to establish a good base business before building a team.

With a focus on refining core conversion systems, accountability & nurturing the top producer mindset, this program is designed to build a cohesive well-trained team. Creating a solid foundation for your business now is crucial to your growth & success.

This program requires a 12-month minimum commitment to ensure that you start seeing results in your business and can build a solid foundation for your business and/or team. (Month-to-month option is available.)

Level 2 is for experienced Team Leaders. With more than double the coaching time, it is designed to help Team Leaders overcome challenges & time constraints as they move towards the next level in record time.

At the core of Level 2 is a deep-rooted commitment to continual growth and training. We focus less on the basics and more on training your team members to become individual top producers. With the ability to split your coaching time between the team leader and team members, you can customize this training to get the best return on investment. If you're looking to build an ISA department, this program is perfect because we can split your calls between a master coach and our ISA trainer. However you choose to use your time, this program will see you thrive and outperform your competition.

Level 2 is also a great way to jump-start building your team and will help get you faster results.

See What Our Clients Are Saying

Mark Faris
Mark Faris, Royal LePage, #1 Team in Canada
"DPTS helped me take my business to the next level. There is not a lot of expertise in the real estate profession on how to grow a team profitably, to set the right systems in place and to improve services to clients. With the help of DPTS throughout the years, we have been able to grow our team and step it up. I would highly recommend DPTS to anyone looking to grow their real estate team."
Rob Golfi
Rob Golfi, RE/MAX Escarpment
"I joined the DPTS coaching program a few years ago & it was one of the best decisions I made for my business. I have grown my team to 22 people and we currently sell 500+ homes per year. I highly recommend DPTS to anyone looking to build a team. It’s great to learn from someone who practices what they teach in today’s market."
Peggy Hill
Peggy Hill, Keller Williams Experience
"The systems, the tracking, the accountability, the mentorship, it's revolutionary. Our business increased by 45% in just one year. Yes we grew in deals but I think we grew as people more and this year will be unbelievable because of everything we stopped to learn the year before. What I get from it is invaluable!"
Nancy Festarini
Nancy Festarini Team, Royal LePage
"My team and I started with the Dan Plowman Team Systems in October of 2016. From their coaching we have revamped our systems from A to Z. Their scripts, buyer presentation, listing presentation, and their help with hiring and training an ISA has us on track to double our sales in 2018. Thank you to everyone at the Dan Plowman Team for all of your help!"
Lisa Salt
Team Leader, Salt/Fowler Team, British Columbia
"Our team has been coached by Jennifer for over three years, and we just signed for a fourth. Although we have been over the systems again and again, we always learn something new every call. Our favorite thing about the coaching is that our team is coached - not just the team leaders. Since we have been with DPTS we have retooled all our team systems to the point where we have a more cohesive team, have more clearly defined systems, are producing more volume than ever, and are the most profitable we have ever been. We thank Jennifer and the Dan Plowman Team for sharing their experience with us - we recommend them every chance we get."
Roy Cleeves
Broker, Keller Williams Golden Triangle Realty
"I have a team of 10 in the Kitchener/Waterloo area and we've been working with DPTS now for a year and it's been wonderful. They start slow enough to make sure that everyone understands the importance of scripting and understanding the systems that will make us successful. And I want to thank DPTS and my coach in particular, Sandra, for helping us and being patient with us, and helping us grow and do more volume. We had a record setting year in 2017 and there's no doubt in my mind that a big part of that is what we learned through the Dan Plowman Team Systems coaching."


Software Designed to Enhance Your Coaching Experience

All of our coaching clients are able to take advantage of our powerful coaching software, CoachAccountable, at NO additional charge, to enable you to get the most from your coaching experience.

Follow through is what transforms great coaching into real results. CoachAccountable structures and supports our coaching programs to cause just that.

With CoachAccountable you get:

• Tools to track progress and manage coaching plans

• Timely reminders to maintain momentum

• A running record of results, materials & insights

• A mobile app for keeping up on the go

Essentially you get an exceptional, results-driven experience.


You and your clients can create Action Items, what to do and by when to do it.

Automatic reminders keep clients on track.

Everyone can see what's done and what's not at any time.

The record of completed actions makes accomplishments real.


Track the numeric progress of anything.

Reminders via text or email make reporting simple (just reply and it's recorded automatically).

You & your coach can see the scoreboard of how things are unfolding at any time.

Graphs show how things went and what's working.


Coaching calls and appointments are scheduled through the software.

Always see when your next coaching call takes place.

Reminders ensure everyone comes prepared and on time.

Integrates seamlessly with your regular calendar.

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