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What is DPTS DISC Tools?

DPTS DISC Tools is an online portal set up specifically for you as a team leader, broker owner, or individual agent. This portal enables you to purchase and manage assessments within your organization.

You can send assessments, review the assessments and get collaboration reports on how team members or agents will work together. The portal is branded to you or your organization and is yours to use with documentation, sample reports, marketing sheets and more.

Your only cost is the purchase of the assessments. You can purchase several at once or just one at a time.

The portal is free to set up for our current clients. A small setup fee of $99 is charged to non-clients. Once set up, we will provide a brief training session to get you started with DPTS DISC Tools.


Click on the name for a sample of that report and what it contains. Your portal provides access to these & many more.


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Why Use DISC?

Our DISC online assessment is an invaluable behavior profiling system that teaches real estate agents how to identify and use to their advantage their strengths and weaknesses. Based on the research of Dr. William Moulton Marston, DISC is the most widely-used behavior identification tool of its kind, supported by decades of research and continuous validation. Whether you are an independent agent or you are building a team, DISC reports offer the greatest accuracy for a range of dynamic applications in your real estate business.

Knowing your DISC profile will help you create millions in Gross Commission Revenues. Here are a few examples of how:


When you know yourself you will know which tasks you are best to do out of the 100+ tasks that are needed in marketing, lead generation and lead conversion.


Revenues increase with more clients. To service more clients you need to be an expert at meeting their needs. Knowing your personality allows you to adjust it and speak to the clients' personality.


When you do what you are best at you will naturally produce more and faster. You will also be able to hire the right people for your business that will add to your productivity.


Once you are clear on your strengths and weaknesses you will have a road map for starting your team. You will know which roles to hire first and how to grow your team for the greatest long term success.


Knowing your strengths and having your success dependent on what you do very well is the perfect recipe for calm confidence.

ISA & Field Agent Training

The DISC sales report teaches real estate agents to a) know their natural behavioral tendencies, b) identify their customers' observable behaviors, and c) adapt their selling style to fit their customers' buying cycle.

Client Communications

Use DISC to exceed customer expectations and increase your referral business. By being able to assess your personality, gaining knowledge to assess the client's personality you can match your personality to communicate in a way that meets the needs of your clients.

Hiring & Recruiting

DISC is a cornerstone assessment to be utilized in hiring admin support staff as well as recruiting new agent team members. The right person for the job is priceless, the wrong person is a nightmare waiting to happen.

Team Building

Know who fits in your team in advance of recruiting them on to the team. Create your team based on commutable skills, ensure the right person is in the right role. To build a high performance team you will need to know who will mesh and who will clash.