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From Lead to 'Client-for-Life'

Finally! A real estate CRM designed by an active real estate team.

  • • Starting at $30/month (per user)
  • • Mobile Friendly
  • • Powerful Tracking & Reporting Tools

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  • Import contacts directly from 3rd party lead sources

  • Keep track of notes and correspondence

  • Record multiple addresses & contacts per record

  • Keep track of contacts with lead sources & tags

  • Maintain files associated with contacts

  • Track referral and lead sources

  • Prompted when duplicate contact found

  • Capture and be reminded of important dates

  • Comprehensive search capabilities
  • Manage deadlines and capture important dates

  • See all events and tasks, daily, monthly, weekly

  • When task is completed, automatically prompts for next activity

  • Automatically move past-due events to tomorrow

  • Use plans to automate repetitive tasks

  • Get email notifications for activities and tasks and import into other calendars

  • View calendars for all team members to coordinate appointment times

  • Collaborate & assign tasks to other members of your team
  • Activity reports – detailed & summary – on all activity by agent, lead source, outcome, etc

  • Track activities & calls

  • Discover which lead sources work and which don't

  • Find out how many leads are turning into appointments

  • Create & send bulk emails to contacts

  • Create automated emails such as monthly newsletters

  • Set rules for 3rd party leads so system only captures valid information

  • Designed to work seamlessly between inside sales and outside sales

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